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How can I compile the QtWebEngine completely.

  • I want to compile the QtWebengine completely. But I don't know the all command arguments and the argument's format.
    I find a config file in the qtwebengine folder.
    And I compile the webengine using the argument is webengine-proprietary-codecs. I doubt it can't compile the qtwebengine completely. The qt website sayed like this:
    I can't distinguish which is right.
    So, I need to know the completely compile command arguments of building the qtwebengine

  • I would like to know this as well, I have found this incredibility difficult to just get setup, have not even been able to compile a hello world yet. I've even tried compiling several different versions of QT5 but none of them seem to work.

    I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this is done.

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    Passing -webengine-proprietary-codecs to configure is the way to go. If that results in a compile error then you please provide the compile output so we can see where the problem is.

  • @AndyS the result is all pass. I just want to know the command, -webengine-proprietary-codecs, is the completely compile command or not

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    @miaomiao it is all you need, the default options for QtWebEngine generally suffice, so you only need the -webengine-proprietary-codecs one if you want to turn on those codecs.

  • @AndyS thanks

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