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Using QScxmlStateMachine data model QML

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    I found an example of using Scxml in QML here:

    The example is great, it lets you do the following:

    import MyStateMachine 1.0
    MyStateMachine {
        id: stateMachine
    Light {
        id: greenLight
        color: "green"
        visible: // this is what I want to do, toggle visibility based on whether I am in a certain state

    ... but it only seems to work if you instantiate your state machine in QML.

    In my case, I have instantiated the state machine in C++, and am having trouble making the state machine properties visible to my QML code. The generated C++ code contains a Q_PROPERTY(bool some_state), but does not include getters, setters, or 'changed' signals for each of the states. So, when some event happens, the C++ state machine enters the correct state, but the QML code doesn't receive any signal, and my green light never turns on.

    Is there some way I can make my C++ Qscxml state machine transitions visible in QML land?

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    Please show the code you use. Otherwise it's impossible to start helping you.

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