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mapping data to a QComboBox

  • Hi all -

    I'm playing with model/view stuff, and learning (slowly) as I go. I'm trying to map a data column from a QStandardItemModel to a QComboBox.


        qs = d.ledPattern;
        rc = m_model->setData(m_model->index(row, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN), qs);

    and widget.cpp

    const string ledPatternText[LEDC_NBR_PATTERNS] =
        for (int i = 0; i < LEDC_NBR_PATTERNS; ++i)
            qs = QString::fromStdString(ledPatternText[i]);
        mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBoxLedPattern, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN);

    The combo box doesn't seem mapped to the data. It always displays "SOLID_OFF." Can someone see what I'm doing wrong here?

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    Did you already check the Combo Box Widget Mapper Example ?

  • I did now.


        QString qs;
        QStringList qsl;
        for (int i = 0; i < LEDC_NBR_PATTERNS; ++i)
            qs = QString::fromStdString(ledPatternText[i]);
            qsl << qs;
        m_ledPatternModel = new QStringListModel(qsl, this);

    and widget.cpp:

        mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBoxLedPattern, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN, "currentIndex");

    I'm still missing something, though...no change in program behavior.

  • OK, I think I have it working now. Here's the program flow.

    1. the worker object receives a message from a connected device, and converts the message from XML into a C data structure. The value for the LED pattern combo box is stored as an int from 0 to 3 within this struct:
    DeviceDetails d;
    string s;
     s = msg.getValue(msgTags[TAGENUM_LEDPATTERN]);
        d.ledPattern = ledPatternHash.at(s);

    A signal is sent to the model.

    1. the model sets the value onto the proper column:
        rc = m_model->setData(m_model->index(row, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN), d.ledPattern);

    This is the step I was missing.

    1. the display widget updates the combo box that represents this value because of this code:
        mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBoxLedPattern, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN, "currentIndex");

    The examples are excellent, but can be a little confusing because, in the interest of brevity, they embed the model in the widget code. It took me a little time to find this missing piece.

  • One remaining issue: the display doesn't update to reflect a remote change to the combo box, until the user does something (seemingly anything).

    I think I've run into this before, a long time ago, but I don't remember what the fix is.


    BTT. Anyone have any ideas?

  • I just discovered an issue-- while my QTableView properly displays multiple entries, my mapping to the combo box is only displaying one entry (the first one entered into the model). If I select a different entry from the table, the combo box is updated, but it doesn't display anything other than the selected entry.

    Do I need to do something besides the standard mapping?

        mapper = new QDataWidgetMapper(this);
        mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBoxMacAddr, MODEL_COL_MACADDR);
        mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBoxLedPattern, MODEL_COL_LED_PATTERN, "currentIndex");

  • I never got this fixed, but I decided that having two places to select the MAC address was a bad idea anyway, so I replaced the QComboBox with a QLineEdit. Added this line to my main widget:

        mapper->addMapping(ui->lineEditMacAddr, MODEL_COL_MACADDR);

    And it seems to work fine. Marking as solved...

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