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Do i need to compile Qt 5.11 open source to support OpenGL? or the QtGui enough?

  • Hello all
    i need to use OpenGL for game engine , from what i read to enable using OpenGL i need to compile from source Qt . as it described here :

    but the process to compile it take long hours ..
    my question is :
    Does t necessary ? doesn't Qt open source doesn't come with OPENGL build in support via QtGUI?

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    There's no need for you to compile Qt. It already supports OpenGL.

  • @SGaist
    so what is this page i posted ?
    in which case when i need use OpenGL i need to compile from source ?

  • @umen242

    On Windows, basically none. The official binaries have support for OpenGL.

    Older versions could only have ANGLE or standard Desktop OpenGL but not both, so you had to choose which you downloaded. (But even then, full OpenGL binaries were always available.) If you need to build Qt from source for some other reason you may need to be careful how you configure it to make sure you build a library with the OpenGL support you want. For example, if you only wanted to support Desktop OpenGL and you wanted the smallest possible binaries, you might build a custom version that turns off many other optional features.

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