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Use same output of cloud database for different sensors

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    If I use Temperature sensor which consist of chip DHT11 which sends temperature readings to Azure storage cloud (using Qton Pi as gateway) which I need to connect it with azure web-hooks to manage the alerts and all the analytical data and If I change the sensor and use mesh module sensor with chip SHT31 as well as the library, Is it possible to use the output data (of chip DHT11) saved in cloud's database sent by DHT11 to manage the dashboard through data cloud ? your leads on this will be very helpful.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How is that related to Qt ?

  • Is it possible to to send the data of sensors to Qt database using Qton PI ? I am trying to design dashboard for wireless sensor using Qt cloud services can you suggest the best way to design the live streaming graph which shows temperature reading ?

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    What Qt Cloud Services do you have in mind ?

    If you thinking about and friends, the services have been halted a few years ago.

    However, you can still use Qt to send your sensor data to whatever service you see fit as you have the network module that you can leverage for that kind of stuff (which was already used by the module in its time).

  • Well If its possible send data to QT will be alright for me,

    I am using this Wireless sensor with Raspberry PI using instructions

    Can I store data in QT database and create application for stored database to check old readings anytime ?

    Is there any article which help me to interface sensor or use GPIO pins through QT ?

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    Again, send what data ?

    Yes, Qt has a database module (a quick search in the documentation would have revealed that more quickly than waiting on an sneer here). Therefore, yes you can store data using a database.

    There are libraries that you can integrate with your Qt Application to do what you want.

    By the way, it's Qt, QT stands for Apple QuickTime which is not what you are going to use.