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Retrieve QTableWidget name when clicked/select cells in tablewdiget

  • Hi,

    How can i get the tablewidget name when i select any cell or click on any cell in a particulart tablewidget?

    I tried using KeyPressEvent for this purpose, but not able to figure out which function do i need to use. Can anyone help me on this?

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    What do you mean by "tablewidget name" ?
    Do you mean the text on the item(s) you click on ?
    There is signals for that.

    If you can have one or more selected, there is also

  • @mrjj So I have multiple tablewidgets in my GUI. I actually need to find the selected cell/item falls under which tablewidget? Is there any signal for that?

    So whenever i select any item or cell in a tablewidget, it should give me the tablewidget's name.

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    But how come there can be any doubts ??

    Do you have hook all tablewidgets to same slot or how come its even an issue ?

    You have to explain why you need this as normally its non issue :)
    u want to hangle item slection from same slot for all tablewidgets or why
    do u need name ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @mrjj Well, the bigger picture is, I want to copy selected cells irrespective of the tablewidget I choose. Currently, I have a code by which I can copy selected cells for a particular table. But I want to make it dynamic in the sense that I do not have to provide tablewidget name manually. It should automatically understand which tablewidget has the selected cells.

    def keyPressEvent(self, e):
        if (e.modifiers() & QtCore.Qt.ControlModifier):
            self.table = self.ui.tableWidget
            selected = self.table.selectedRanges()
            s = ''
            if e.key() == QtCore.Qt.Key_C: #copy
                if self.table.horizontalHeaderItem(0):
                    s = '\t'+"\t".join([str(self.table.horizontalHeaderItem(i).text()) for i in xrange(selected[0].leftColumn(), selected[0].rightColumn()+1)])
                    s = s + '\n'
                for r in xrange(selected[0].topRow(), selected[0].bottomRow()+1):
                    if self.table.verticalHeaderItem(0):
                        s += self.table.verticalHeaderItem(r).text() + '\t'
                    for c in xrange(selected[0].leftColumn(), selected[0].rightColumn()+1):
                            s += str(self.table.item(r,c).text()) + "\t"
                        except AttributeError:
                            s += "\t"
                    s = s[:-1] + "\n" #eliminate last '\t'

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    Ok so its for generic handling.

    If using signals
    there is the sender() to know whom emitted the signal.

    I assume QTableWidgetItem have a parent or something like that that would also tell you name.
    (dont have docs here. if not, you can subclass and add it)
    and there is QTableWidgetItem::setData() where you can simply stuff the info and read when needed.
    ( this should be pretty easy even if a bit wastefull since all items then have it :)

  • @mrjj i tried using self.sender(), but it gives the mainwindow name.
    How do i subclass it and get the name?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Piyush Where did you use sender()?

  • @jsulm I added it in the keypressevent function shared above, which gives me mainwindow as the sender. This was my bad.

    However, now i created a cellclicked signal for all the tables as below to get the name and it works. Now the issue is keypressevent function is not responding (not copying the selected values). I made self.table as a class global variable, in which i have both the functions

        def __init__(self):
            self.table = ''
        def get_obj_name(self, row, col):
            abc= self.sender()
            table = abc.objectName()
            self.table = "self.ui." + table

    its a type issue i guess. The string i made is <type 'unicode'>, however, I should pass <class 'PyQt5.QtWidgets.QTableWidget'>

    How do i correct this issue?

  • Got it. just had to equate self.table = QTableWdiget().

    Thanks guys, for the patience and help.

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