"QtWebEngine is not installed" warning even though it is

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    I was trying to use QtWebEngineView in a qml control however, in design mode, i get following warnings in the navigator panel:
    alt text

    This is the code for the control:

    import QtQuick 2.0
    import QtWebEngine 1.5
    Item {
        WebEngineView {
            id: webEngineView
            anchors.fill: parent

    I added QT += webengine to my project file and

    #include <qtwebengineglobal.h>

    code to my main.cpp file. My program does launch in debug mode with warnings but if I switch to release, it exits immediately with -1 code and outputs in the console that "QtWebEngine" module is not installed. The problem is that I did install it...
    alt text

    I use MSVC 2017 provided with Visual Studio 2017 with Qt 5.10.1 MSVC 2015 32bit to build and run my program. I read that WebEngine is not provided for MinGW but since I don't use it, the problem must lie somewhere else. Maybe somebody here encountered similar problem before?


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    Did you re-run qmake after adding QT += webengine ?

  • Yes, I run qmake and after that I rebuilt the project.

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    @Ilethas You installed ALL precompiled Qt binaries for 5.10.1 (I don't know why). Which one do you actually use?

  • I use precompiled Qt 5.10.1 MSVC 2015 32-bit. Well, when installing I just selected all, I probably should just install only what I need in the future. ^^

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