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Error debugging

  • Cannot debug, I actually get this message
    "The selected debugger may be inappropriate for the inferior.
    Examining symbols and setting breakpoints by filename..."....

    May be inappropriate for the inferior? What does that mean?

    Fresh install, trying to run examples to determine if QT is good or bad, so far, examples run, thats good, confusing statements like above...very very bad.

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    Hi @squirrlmcbuttcheeks ,

    To help you we need some more information.

    • Which platform are you on?
    • Which Qt version? How did you install it?
    • Which compiler do you use? Which debugger?
    • Can you post the debugger log: QtCreator > Window > Views > Debugger Log?



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    To add to @aha_1980, did you install the debugger for the correct architecture ?

  • @squirrlmcbuttcheeks
    Since you are intending "to determine if QT is good or bad", Just to be clear on something...
    Qt is a C++ framework/library with an object oriented API.
    Qt is not a programming language.
    Qt is not a compiler.
    Qt is not a debugger.
    Qt Creator is an IDE which is provided to help organise your tools to build your projects.
    As others have said it looks like your tools, in this case the debugger is at fault.

    Please do evaluate it in that light and people on this forum will be more than pleased to help you.

    Good luck and happy coding :-)

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