Kit for QT widget application for Windows

  • Hello,

    I have installed QT Creator for windows. Trying to create first widget "hello" world application. Qt has claimed - no kit found. Where I can get required kit?

    alt text

    I suppose it needs compiler? I have VS installed on my system. Why I can't use default kit:

    alt text

    How to get required kit and compile widget application for Windows?

  • @column said in Kit wor QT widget application for Windows:

    QT Creator

    QT Creator is just IDE (Integrated development environment). To compile some code you need to install also a compiler and Qt libraries itself from online installer (Qt Maintenance Tool).
    For example:
    Qt -> Tools -> MinGW 5.3.0 (compiler)
    Qt -> Qt 5.10.1 -> MinGW 5.3.0 32-bit (Qt libraries)

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    @column You did not install Qt. Install Qt for your Visual Studio version.

    @Stoyan He is using Visual Studio, so he shouldn't install MinGW nor MinGW Qt.

  • @jsulm
    These was just for example. I didn't notice that @column already has a compiler.
    In this case is necessary only this:
    Qt -> Qt 5.10.1 -> MSVC 2015 32-bit
    You have 32-bit compiler and since MSVC 2017 has only 64-bit version of Qt, MSVC 2015 32-bit is the only option.
    But if you want, you can choose LTS version of Qt (Qt 5.9.4) instead the latest (Qt 5.10.1).

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    @Stoyan that's wrong, VS2017 provides both 32 and 64 bit compiles as well as VS2015 does. Also unlike older version of Visual Studio, VS2017 is backward compatible with VS2015. Therefore you can use the 32bit MSVC 2015 package with VS2017. Or the 64bit MSVC2017 package with VS2015.

  • @SGaist
    Well, I don't use Microsoft Visual Studio, so I don't know what is included in it. But оn given screenshot I see only 32-bit compiler. So, I guessed that only this compiler is installed. If there is also 64-bit compiler available, then @column can use also Qt MSVC 2015 64-bit or Qt MSVC 2017 64-bit.

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