Embedded browser to view Progressive Web Apps

  • Weeks of effort to find a "simple" way to get my website, "wrapped" in an app, working on iOS without going through the complicated (and expensive) process of building iOS app (that will surely be rejected by Apple cause they won't list such an app) has finally found the answer.

    ([EDIT: Name removed --JKSH]) available on Apple's App Store does a wonderful job in displaying a PWA in an iPad or iPhone. But surely there is a way to set a particular PWA as the "Start" url when you open the browser.

    Even better there must be a way to "bundle" the browser in a PWA so that it will open in ([EDIT: Name removed --JKSH]) when selected on the Home Screen.

    If someone can lead me through doing either of the above (preferably the the latter) I I (and many others) would REALLY appreciate it.

  • @natchezjohn
    OR can a Homescreen "link" be created that will:go to ([EDIT: Name removed --JKSH]) AND open url? If so/how to?

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    @natchezjohn This is a Qt forum, so we don't deal with PWAs. You might have better luck if you contacted the browser's author directly.

    Note: I have also removed the name of the product from your posts, in order to reduce their spam-like nature.

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