[iOS] Upload to App Store : embeded framework problem

  • Hello,

    It's not the first time that I'm using Qt with other external frameworks. And usually it works fine with the qmake line :

    LIBS += -F/PATH/TO/YOUR/FRAMEWORKS/DIR -framework Name1 - framework Name2

    It was working even when I uploaded to App Store.

    But today, I'm working with aws-sdk-ios frameworks (from Amazon).

    This framework need to be "embeded" in xcode project. Then I followed those 4 steps.
    It's also possible to embed them easier with this script (but I don't use it, to be sure that my bug don't come from that).

    It's works fine when I test the application in iOS Simulator. But When I try to send the .ipa to App Store (with Organizer or Application Loader), I get this error :
    No suitable application records were found. Verify your bundle identifier 'com.amazonaws.sdk.ios.AWSCognitoIdentityProviderASF' is correct.

    I tried many things from this great summary. But nothing helps.

    This problem doesn't look very common. I think the problem comes from xcode configuration made by Qt.

    There are screenshots from the last steps :


    Then I click to upload, and...


    Anyone have any thoughts on this ?

  • Finally I found the fix. It was because of something that has nothing to do with this topic. I mechanically edited a key in Info.plist ... I'll never touch again CFBundleExecutable :D


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