Cannot deploy debug plugins with macdeployqt, Qt 5.9.1, macOS10.12.6

  • Hi All,

    I am using macdeployqt to deploy my application which is dependent on several custom plugins. I am on macOS10.12.6 using Qt 5.9.1 with clang64. When I install the plugins I can see them correctly installed under Qt/5.9.1/clang_64/qml/my_custom_plugin_dir which means that the library is named:

    • libMyLib.dylib if compiled with release configuration
    • libMyLib_debug.dylib if compiled with debug configuration

    However when I try to deploy my application with macdeployqt which is dependant on the above mentioned plugin, it is copying the release version of the plugin even if I pass the arguments "-no-strip -use-debug-libs" to it.

    The weird thing about it is that macdeployqt however copies the correct debug libraries for Frameworks, the problem is only with plugins.

    Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

    Thank your for all your help!

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    What parameters did you pass to macdeployqt ?

  • Hi,

    I passed:
    macdeployqt myApp $$QT_DEPLOY_CONFIG -qmldir=$$QML_RESOURCES -verbose=3

    QT_DEPLOY_CONFIG: -no-strip -use-debug-libs

    I have read through the macdeployqt help, and did not find any other option related to this.

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    What was the output ?

  • The output of macdeployqt were the deployed release version of the plugins instead of the debug libraries.

    The relevant part of the log states that macdeployqt really picked up the release version of the plugins. But even with verbose=3 I can see no explanations or reason why.

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    Can you show your .pro file ?

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