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Timer from QML seems to be not useable

  • Hello,
    I want to use the QML timer. But it works really catastrophic. If I don't do anything at the same time, only watching, the Timer works correctly. But if I moving the mouse a little bit or scrolling a listview the Timer doesn't work correctly. Then the onTriggeredEvent will be fired only after 180ms or more. Sometimes only after 200 ms.
    It's a embedded system on which the application runs with Linux Kernel OS and CPU is AM4378 from Texas Instruments

    I checked it on this way:

        Timer {
               interval: 100;
               running: false;
               property double timeStart: 0
               property double diff: 0
                   diff = new Date().getTime() - timeStart
                   timeStart = new Date().getTime();#
                  running = true

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