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QML WebGL streaming using released Qt 5.10

  • Hello guys,
    I read about this functionality and I would try it out. As I have understood from this post
    having Qt 5.10 already released I should not rebuild Qt to enable Opengl ES, but when I run my test application with "-platform webgl" I get a dialog:

    application faild to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin webgl
    Available paltfrom plugins are: direct2d, offscreen, webgl, windows

    Of course I ticked the TP for streaming, deployed using windeploy and manually copying the webgl.dll


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    Did you check with something like Dependency Walker whether you have a dependency missing for the plugin ?

  • Hi thanks for the response,
    I'am working/worked together with the creator of plugin to fix some issues and find out how it works. Just to help others want to try it out:
    Qt 5.10 final works out of the box from within QtCreator passing "-platform webgl"; the only thing worth mentioning here is that using this parameters you will not see any UI from your program but a scared message in the console like: This plugin does not support dynamic OpenGL loading!
    Don't worry and just opening the browser reaching localhost:8080 your UI will be displayed!
    This problem addresses Windows only (I assume) since Jesus has never tried it on a Windows machine.
    The original problem is caused when you try the deploy and it might not work right now due to the TP nature of the plugin (this is only my hunch).

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