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How to build Mysql driver with QT static build

  • I tried to make a qt static version with MySQL build option so I used this to configure


    it gives me an error and the MySQL in the summary file it marked by no so it's not working yet so I used this


    for both, i got this error

    ERROR: Feature 'sql-mysql' was enabled, but the pre-condition 'libs.mysql' failed.

    so I tried this one


    i got this error

    ERROR: Invalid value given for boolean command line option 'sql-mysql'.

    so what command should i use to enable mysql to be built with my static version
    Thanks in advance

  • i have the same problem, the only solution that i found was that i use qt 5.7.1 instead a higher version and then it was working. maybe it works with higher version but i tried a few weeks and then i give up.

  • hope that anyone tried this with a higher version to share this iam using QT 5.10 and I did not try the build static version before this

  • when I was checking my question, by Coincidence I found the pinned post of How to create the plugin of MYSQL for Qt I check it and I follow some of his steps
    i downloaded the MySQL community server and put it on C drive and rename the folder
    that's all then in my configure command I add this to the end of my command

    -sql-myself -I "C:\MySQL\include" -L "C:\MySQL\lib"

    then I found in the summary folder that myself is marked by yes so I started built it then I test a simple MySQL connection with my static build it worked but I should include the .dll folder if not the app crashes I don't know if it's the right way to do this as I add .dll because the goal of the static build is to not use the DLL files it's only standalone app

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    Then you have to also use static libraries for all the dependencies you want to use.

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