QT accessibility problem in i3 window manager

  • I have an application that developed using QT5. This program designed for visually impaired users and is fully accessible. When I start this program in gnome-terminal or using a .desktop file, everything is ok and Orca screen reader tell the user everything.

    Here is the problem :
    I am using i3 window manager in Linux. So I have assigned a key binding to this program. When I start the program using those i3 hotkeys, nothing is accessible at all and Orca is silent.

    I have tried environment variables "QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1" and "GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-btidge", but even when this envs are set for that application, accessibility doesn't work.

    for me the most possible reason must be environment variables, but I don't know any other variables related to accessibility.

    Can anyone help me with this? Is there any configuration that must be done during building the application?

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    i have no experience with accessibility on Linux. But maybe the following helps you:
    Qt Accessibility is based on AT-SPI via DBus on Unix/X11 and is tested to be working on Gnome and KDE.
    Are you sure that i3wm even supports accessibility?

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