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Socket issues on android platform

  • Hey there

    I am developing an android app, which should be able to send and receive data to a stm32-MCU over tcp/ip (using an spwf01sa serial-to-wifi module). The s2w-module provides a server...

    My application can be connected to this server to start communication. The data-transfer is logged and displayed in the app and on the stm32-chip (over a simple lcd).

    So now, everything is working on windows, except some performance issues (exactly every 10 seconds, there is a little timeout, where the data-transfer is stucked but continues after a second maybe).

    The same code using android is also working, but the data-transfer stopps after this little timeout...sometimes the transfer restarts him-self, but stucks again after some seconds.

    I am using the non-blocking approach, very similar to the fortune-example. I guess this is a OS-issue..

    Can anyone help me? I'm very thankful for every comment..thank you

    Kind Regards

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  • @Fabster have you tried analyzing the network traffic with Wireshark? You might be able to then compare what's going on given the traffic capture for your running Windows versus the Android app.

    In addition, could you please clarify (maybe a block diagram) where the spwf01sa serial-to-wifi module sits? I suspect this module goes together with the stm32-mcu but just to be sure...

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