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How to use Google Maps Geolocation API to find where am I?

  • I have embedded Linux device. I am using Qt Creator 3.5.1 (Based on Qt 5.5.1). I couldn't find any example such as ( https .

    I need to see, (where am I) using my embedded Linux device. I created a google API key and activated.

    Does anyone know how to achieve Google Maps Geolocation API to find where am I?

    Kind Regards,

  • Well. There's a lot of ways but - what location information/hardware do you have available?
    Does your device have a GPS etc? No doubt GPS may be the easiest and more accurate method for many scenarios. You may or may not have access to the sky...

    There are other solutions that may work if you have limited information like:

    Once you know where you are, whether it's a best guess, a place you know or a coordinate from a device - you can geocode or reverse geocode depending:

    Pretty much everything you need to use that API key, I believe (it's been some years since I've had to do this stuff) can be found out @

    Or am I mistaken and you have a GPS and want to interface with it or something?
    For a Raspberry PI for example, there's guides around like:

  • Thank you 6thC,

    My device doesnt have GPS. So I have to cancel my project and do someting better. Kind Regards

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