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what is differences between Qt Opengl & Pure Opengl?

  • as qt documentation:
    "The Qt OpenGL module makes it easy to use OpenGL in Qt applications. It provides an OpenGL widget class that can be used just like any other Qt widget, except that it opens an OpenGL display buffer where you can use the OpenGL API to render the contents."
    but i don't understand differences between real opengl libraries such as GLUT,GLFW,GLEW and Qt opengl.
    are they same?
    can i write and run every opengl code that i see in all non qt tutorials on web in the Qt opengl and Qt Creator?
    please help...thanks

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    I'm not very familiar with OpenGL, but as far as I understand the answer is yes, you can use "real" OpenGL calls inside QOpenGLWidget. The only thing that Qt provides are (optional) convenience wrappers for OpenGL functions, and the actual widget itself.

  • @parvizwpf Yes you can follow any tutorial from internet about OpenGL as long as is written in C++ and you include the libraries (you have to download them if you are in windows - and you should already have them if you are in Linux)

  • hi and thanks for your useful posts.
    arsinte_andrei can you tell me how?
    do you have a link or toturial for doing it on windows?

  • @parvizwpf sure ... there is a lot of info about how to do it...
    have a look first here
    and also here
    you will see to download the sdk for windows...

  • thanks ok. then of downloading it how can i use it in qt?
    is that same as visual studio opengl install or not?

  • @parvizwpf honestly you have to look on this.. should be some examples there. you should link to the library only and run your program... but better to check their examples and howtos ... you have them in the links that I've already provided... I'm using Ubuntu Linux... I don't know much of windows...

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    Qt does all the platform specific initialisation that can be very convoluted depending on the OS. It also provides useful helper class to help manage OpenGL resources (shaders, vbo, etc.) So basically you don't have to install additional helper libraries like GLEW to write your OpenGL based application.

  • thanks friends for your good helps.

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