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Difference between -embedded, -embedded arm and giving xplatform.

  • Can anyone tell me the difference in giving -embedded arm, just -embedded and -xplatform linux-xyz in the build of Qt 4.8.6 when the compiler details are already given in mkspecs.

    Also about -device in Qt5.9.1 build if we are already giving the compiler details in the mkspecs.

    I have gone through the manuals and i think i understood the definition. But i am not sure about how it will influence the build and what difference it will make.

    Thank you for the help.

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    The -embedded option in Qt 4 is to build Qt for Embedded Linux which will use the QWS backend so no need for an X server.

    -xplatform is to cross-compile for a given platform but a normal version of Qt i.e. non-embedded or desktop if you prefer.

    Hope it helps

  • @SGaist Any difference in giving -embedded arm and -embedded, if we have given the proper compiler definitions in qmake.conf ?

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    IIRC, the -embedded option expects an architecture value.

  • @SGaist So if i am not giving any architecture, i am guessing it will check with the compiler for the architecture and use it.

    Also could you tell me what difference it will make if we are giving -device and giving the compiler details in qmake.conf and using the -xplatform.

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    No I can't. I haven't checked all the variations you can make with configure's option.

    Device usually refers to a mkpsec for a specific device.

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