Handling several QStringLists

  • In the application I am currently developing I want to store several QStringLists in a single QStringList!

    QStringList a;
    QStringList b;
    QStringList c;

    Compiling this code does not return any errors but when I print a[0] on a label only "John" is printed instead of "John Smith Peter"
    I want to store 'b' and 'c' in 'a'!What is the best data structure to achive this?

  • @Lasith try checking what printing b[0], b[1] and b[2] show just before adding b and c lists to a, and I guess you'll have the answer...

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    Looks like you should use QString::join.

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    There is something odd about your statements.
    You say you want lists in the list.
    But you also say you expect "John Smith Peter" which is not a list but one string.
    So are you saying you want the lists b and c to become one string and no longer be a list of 3 strings?

    Anyway, seems @SGaist is a master guesser :) \o/

  • @SGaist Thanx mate

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