Creating a interactive timeline control/editor

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    I wanted to create a timeline-based slider something like youtube has now.

    1. Move horizontally just like QSlider
    2. Hover would display time or some other status when hover over
    3. Markers on the slider timeline that indicate something (youtube had those yellow markers on the slider that indicated ads)

    This might be not capable - even with customizing - for QT?

    So I was conceding to something like this where the slider updates timeline-based control or something else:

    I was wondering what's the best approach to subclass an existing control to create a graphical timeline (with that hover popup) Or should I be looking at something like QGraphicsView? The interactive timeline (often seen in video editors) is the goal for me.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    If you are looking for video editor like controls you might want to take a look at Kdenlive's sources.

  • I think you can subclass QAbstractSlider and reimplement those virtual protected and pure virutal methods you need to get what you want, especially all that relates to paintEvent() and starts with paint in general.

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