Raspberry pi 3 GPIO control using Qt embedded

  • Hi,

    I am new to Qt embedded. I have successfully installed Qt Raspberry image using Qt for device on the SD card.
    Can anyone please let me know if there is Qt example that controls the GPIOs of Raspberry?


  • @sam08016 I'm not aware of such examples, however I do believe you may want to take a look at wiringPi, a library that will help you on controlling Raspberry's GPIOs

  • Thank you for your response. Wiringpi goes into Raspberry pi?

    In this case, I have installed Boot2Qt on raspberry and using Qt embedded setup to deploy application to Raspberry pi. So, I do not have the provision to install wiringpi to raspberry.

  • @sam08016 All the libraries your application depends on must be available to it at runtime :-) so yes, wiringPi must be deployed in your RPi device.
    I'm not familiar with Qt Embedded deploy feature but I guess you need to provide wiringPi library to such process in order for the library to be bundled and deployed with all the stuff related to your application

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