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QCA problems when decrypting data from php

  • I am encrypting data from php and store the data to my db here is the function i use to crypt in php

    function encrypt($data, $key, $iv)
        return openssl_encrypt(
    // Here is how i use it
    $email = encrypt($email, $key, $iv);
    // iv is a 124 character long string generated randomly with a-zA-Z0-9 chars

    Now when i get the data back from the database on my Qt app here is what i get

    Name: £»]
    Email:  HþÔ7Þ†Ç`}3™b­­_$ßïóøb2Û]Å
    // Some chars are not visible

    This is what i am supposed to decrypt so i retrieve the iv from the database and use the unhashed password the user did input to decrypt

    QString KLogin::decrypt(QString data, QString key, QString iv)
        // Data = the encrypted input (i loop threw the values to decrypt), key = user password, IV = what i received from the db earlier
        QCA::Initializer init;
        QByteArray get;
        QCA::SecureArray secured;
        QByteArray temp = key.toLatin1();
        QCA::SymmetricKey pass = QCA::SymmetricKey(temp);
        temp = iv.toLatin1();
        QCA::InitializationVector iv_f = QCA::InitializationVector(temp);
        temp = data.toLatin1();
        secured = temp;
        QCA::Cipher bf(QString("aes256"), QCA::Cipher::CBC, QCA::Cipher::NoPadding , QCA::Decode, pass, iv_f);
        get = bf.process(secured).toByteArray();
        QString decrypted = get;
        return decrypted;

    I know my code is very dirty i apologize, i have been trying stuff for 5hours, and i tried to look up for the doc, but the doc i found is not really helpful...
    I'm sure i'm getting the right data since i have some std::cout set to output values and here is what i get

    IV value = 8lfSciaaaW1ZttTgWn4E616VsXnmEsUMOaE1sPbDLcCeFvvCTzgZBnU3lipZLkMzurBWgMA1YcgEHLgBlxAWVv0hOpgzK29etKbKxLLwX1aFNrg8ZR4Vn4cbutLe
    Key value = kosta
    Data balue = £»] // Some stuff doesn't show on the website but i have the weird characters in my console.

    Weird thing is that on the decryption output if i change QCA::Cypher::DefaultPadding i get nothing and with NoPadding i get �v-P����2��a�R] � � you can notice the with is obviously a part of my email address. Would you have an idea on how to fix this ? If you do not want to waste your time but you do know where to find useful documentation i would love to see it!

    Just a quick edit to say that i already tried and yes aes256 is working

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    First thing to do: use only QByteArrays, QString stores data in UTF-16 so you are doing useless and maybe disruptive conversions.

  • @SGaist The problem is, when i try to input QByteArray to my data base without any type cast, nothing appears in my db and when i do typecast to QString i get some weird text popping out and some empty fields

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    Since I don't know how you are communicating with your database nor how it's setup I can't help more.

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