App prefs in iOS settings app?

  • Is there a way to add settings for my app to the iOS System settings app? Or do I need to do this with native code?

  • Hi,

    All you need to add your app to iOS settings is to create a special bundle from Xcode.

    1. Open Xcode app.
    2. File->New->New File
    3. Select iOS tab and find section "Resources".
    4. Select "Settings Bundle" template.
    5. Add settings to your bundle and save it to your Qt project folder.

    In your project pro file a next line:

    app_launch_images.files = $$files($$PWD/Settings.bundle)
    QMAKE_BUNDLE_DATA += app_launch_images

    In iOS you can use this settings bundle with NSUserDefaults class.
    For this I'm using objective-c code. So on this step you will need to create a bridge class which will use objective-c code.

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