Numbered Bookmarks in QT-Creator (like delphi) ?

  • Hey guys,
    when I used delphi there was one feature I really liked: Numbered Bookmarks
    Set bookmark 1: Ctrl-Shift-1
    Go to bookmark 1: Ctrl-1

    Is there a way to get this feature in QT-Creator?

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    @themts I moved this thread to Tools as your question is about QtCreator which is a tool.

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    There is only Toogle Bookmark (ctrl +m) and a way to view them.

    alt text

    There can be more than 9 book marks so it would not really fit the Delphi way.

  • I know CTRL-m but it is so much quicker to have a few shortcuts.
    When you use the CTRL-M you have to use the mouse to select a bookmark or ". ," to switch from bookmark to bookmark. Anyway it is much slower.

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    Well i just click in the list to jump to a bookmark. You can even add a Title for it so its easy to know which is which and it also shows the actual line.

    Anyway, I never saw a way to assign a shortcut key to a bookmark
    so the short answer is not possible.

    If you really miss it, you could add it to the bookmark plugin so the first 9 could be
    activated with ctrl.

    Or open a feature request and hope for enough votes :)

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