QT /OPC UA - Client/Server

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use this implementation of OPCUA ( https://open62541.org/ ) to create Qt OPCUA Client.

    My probleme is that don't know how to correctly include this single file (.h / .c) implementation.

    Can someone show me link / pdf on this topic plz ?

    I managed to create opcua client / server with Eclipse CDT but I need Qt to create nice GUI.

    Thx in advance


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    @LeLev Well, you add those files to SOURCES and HEADERS in your pro file:

    SOURCES += open62541.c \
    HEADERS += open62541.h  \

    Run qmake and build.

  • That was a little bit more complicated but it's done now.



  • Not that with Qt 5.11 onwards there will be a qt module for OPC UA. Its not a complete stack, but rather an API which is built on top of an existing stack. There are currently several of these backends - one of them is based on Open62541 (dev branch, 0.3 for the release)

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