executing bash commands with wildcards *

  • I am trying to let my Qt app execute certain bash commands, which works just not with wildcards.

    I need to import and export files from a usb stick to a directory in the home folder.

    The files all have similar names like W1.csv. To get them all I usually do W*.csv. For this I could work around it with the entryList() and a for-loop so this part is solve-able

    The second problem I'm having, is that I can't work around the different usb stick names. I can use the QDir functions and get the name of the usb stick, but the name contains spaces and that is a huge payne. For instance if I do

    cd /media/user/ /media/user/Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS amd64
    // it won't work because I need to type 
    cd /media/user/Ubuntu\ 16.04.2\ LTS\ amd64/
    //this works but I can also do
    cd /media/user/"Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS amd64"

    The problem with the quotes is that I cannot simply add them to the name because of weird things are happening to the string when I try.

    // This:
    if(usb->exists() == true) {
           QString tmp = usb->path();
           qDebug() << tmp;
    /media/user/Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS amd64 // no quotes
                ^                      ^

    I tried:

    QString tmp = "/media/user/";
     tmp += "\""; // '"', 34, '/"'
     tmp += "name with spaces";
     tmp += "\"";
     qDebug() << tmp; */  result /media/user/\"name with spaces\"  /*

    To execute the commands I used both system() and Qprocess but as long as I cannot feed these function a proper string......

    So I would like to know how I can use wild carts and/or how I can remove those pesky \ slashes in front of the "

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    @bask185 Those are not wildcards.
    You should put the whole path into "":

    "\"/media/user/name with spaces\""

  • @jsulm I don't need the entire path, only the part: "name with spaces". This is important because the bash cannot work with the spaces otherwise. An example of a terminal command would be:

    cp /media/user/"usb with a name"/text.txt /home/user/folder

    So in combination with process.start it has to be precisely:

    process.start("cp /media/user/"usb with a name"/text.txt /home/user/folder");

    But as we both know this does not compile. I also learned that the entire path can be encapsulated in quotes, that also works in the CLI. But I still have the problem that Qt adds the slashes. These slashes prevent me from running the command.

    However a solution just popped up. The lightbulb above my head shined so bright you might have noticed it :P
    Instead of launching the application directly I will launch it via a shellscript. And prior to launching the appliation the script will manually unmount the USB stick and then mount it again but with my own space-less name.

    I did this before with my raspberry system it had as purpose to apply updates. But with a little work I can repurpose that shellscript.

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