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QwtPlotSpectrogram, don't draw from scratch!

  • I want to draw a spectrogram periodically, which means that data come over time, and i want to just add columns to the previous graph.

    What i did is to declare a QwtPlotSpectrogram * spectrogram instance, and i use the setData() function where i pass a SpectrogramData instance:

    class SpectrogramData : public QwtRasterData {
        std::vector<std::vector<double>> data;
        SpectrogramData(int height, int width);
        virtual double value(double x, double y) const;


    When new data come, i add them to the data structure, and call replot() in the QwtPlot instance that the QwtSpectrogram is attached to.

    Because the spectrogram will ultimately have about 700*22000 size, i don't know what does replot() do. Is there a way to tell qwt to only plot a certain column of data or region or rectangular or something?

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    That's a question you should ask to the Qwt authors.

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