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  • Hello there, so I am facing a dilemma for my project. I have developed a desktop app which is using Qt Widget and the most the GUI is done through C++ code and it is working perfectly. But my problem is that I want to use to same code and develop and mobile app for it. Doing so, I am running into the problem of screen resolution. The app is not automatically adapting to my mobile screen size. I am aware that Qt has QML which is for mobile app development but what if I want to keep the same look and feel by using QWidget. Does anyone know how I could make it to automatically fit my mobile? I am new a newbie in the Qt platform. THanks for your help

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    You don't give enough information about the platform you are targeting nor the Qt version you are running.

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    Just that this thread is a duplicate of this one.

    Please don't post the same question in multiple sub-forums, one is enough.

    Closing this one, please continue on the other one.

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