QT Creator and CMAKE( Project layout )

  • I cant believe I am the only person to have queried this behaviour.

    When I run CMAKE from QTCREATOR - I don't see source files associated with individual CMAKE targets(libraries / exes) rather I see all source files.
    i.e. I don't necessarily see which files go with which targets, and more than that some files go with many different targets with possible different configuration parameters.
    i.e. the typical project layout I would expect from visual studio.

    Is it possible to switch to this view ( and I have missed the obvious).

    QTCREATOR knows which CMAKE targets are present, and I am pretty certain that the CODEBLOCKS project file that is generated by QTCREATOR as the intermediate format it uses, also has which files belong to which target.

    Can some expert tell what I am missing !!!

  • Clearly this is the wrong forum for getting specific QTCreator queries answered,
    can someone point me to a better forum.

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    @Andy-Page You could ask on QtCreator mailing list where QtCreator developers are: http://lists.qt-project.org/mailman/listinfo/qt-creator

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