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Problem in Qvector initialization

  • Hi
    I face to amazing problem !!!
    can any body say me the reason of this reaction ?
    when I wrote first line code , and debug my code this line allocated 15GB RAM but when replace number of array with scientific symbol this problem solved and my app work regularly .

    //Qvector initialization 
    1- QVector <QByteArray> vector(200000000);
    // Replace number with scientific symbol
    2- QVector <QByteArray> vector(2e8);

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Alexanov Interesting. Just tested on Windows 7: works and consumes only 12MB RAM. Are you sure it is not something else in your app?
    What is your OS, compiler and Qt version?

  • @Alexanov

    Check the size of the actual vector allocated in both cases.

    qDebug() << "vector size " << vector.size();

    The scientific representation is most likely not converted to the int number you are expecting.

  • Tried with Qt 5.8 on Win7 and:

    MSVC 2013 x64
    Both versions allocate the correct amount of memory: (200000000 * sizeof(QByteArray)) + sizeof(QVector<QByteArray>) = (200000000*8)+8 = ~1.6GB

    MSVC 2013 x32
    Both versions allocate the correct amount of memory: (200000000 * sizeof(QByteArray)) + sizeof(QVector<QByteArray>)= (200000000*4)+4 = ~800MB

    @koahnig said in Problem in Qvector initialization:

    qDebug() << "vector size " << vector.size();

    use capacity() instead of size() in this case.

    What compiler/OS/architecture are you using?

  • @jsulm ,@koahnig ,@VRonin
    :)) Oh Sorry Thanks alot for your answers, I saw code again , my number had 9 zero in it not 8 zero.
    2000000000 (2e9) not 200000000 (2e8)!
    And RAM allocation for 2e9 is correct:
    (200000000*8)+8 = ~16GB

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