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How can I compile iOS apps from Linux?

  • Hi;
    I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 and Deepin 15.4. Qt 5.9 installed on Ubuntu / Deepin. I haven't got an Apple PC. So, I installed macOS Sierra 10.12 on Oracle VirtualBox. I want to learn development iOS apps and I want to run my iOS apps on iOS simulator. My HDD capacity is low. So, I want to use Qt 5.9 on Ubuntu / Deepin and I want to compile my apps for iOS (virtual macOS) from installed Qt on Ubuntu / Deepin. Is this job possible?

  • Hi, I also use Ubuntu 16.04 and wanted to make some iOS apps using Qt.
    I installed Sierra 10.12 on VMWare (similar product as VirtualBox). To compile for iOS you need to install Qt also inside your Sierra in your VirtualBox, it's not possible to compile iOS Qt apps in Linux. Also you need to download (for free) and install Xcode in the Sierra installation for Qt to work. And install Qt with both iOS libraries and MacOS libraries. All this adds to about 60 GB for the Sierra virtual disk, so if your HDD capacity is low then you're out of luck :-(

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    @Ibrahim Unfortunately to develop apps for MacOS or iOS you need MacOS (it is not a Qt issue). That means you either use a Mac or use a virtual machine with MacOS as sugested by @hskoglund

  • see this link the guy used a way to cross compile on linux for ios

    using qmake it is possible i think

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