C++ SQLite3 encrypted DB

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    I've encrypted my SQLite3 db by Navicat ! : alt text

    So my code:

    QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QSQLITE");
        db.setDatabaseName(QApplication::applicationDirPath()+ QDir::separator() + "test.db");

    and db.login() return true ;

    but my trying to execute a query :

    QSqlQuery q("SELECT * FROM test");

    so i got :

    "file is encrypted or is not a database Unable to execute statement"

    i've also try to


    but also didn't work

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    SQLite is not encrypted by default so you should check with the Navicat folks whether they are using SQLCipher for that.

    AFAIR, there are instructions available to build a plugin for Qt using SQLCipher so it's worth checking.

  • @SGaist i've checked they use wxSQLite3 for encrypet , Qt dosen't supoort it right ? so i need to include the wxSQLite3 library in my project and use it ?

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    Looks like you might be lucky. QtCipherSqlitePlugin.might be what you need.

  • @SGaist thx :)

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