Force QWebEnginePage to reload after url changed

  • I am trying to scrape images search by Bing search, now I have a serious problem, whenever I change the url by clicking on the image, the signal "urlChanged" emit, but the signal "loadPageFinshed" wouldn't emit, how could I forced the page reload when url changed?

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    @tham Shouldn't you set the URL you receive in urlChanged using ?

  • @jsulm This will cause recursive call.

    When the url changed, the view of the web page changed too, but the loadPageFinished signal would not emit(weird) and the runJavaScript function do not work because it could not find the id of the button.

    I could disconnect the signal and slot and force the webpage to load the changed url, but it is quite cumbersome and it will need to load the page two times.

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