Adding Clang to Creator on Windows

  • HOW? I keep getting

    00:50:54: Could not start process "mingw32-make.exe" clean

    for whatever reason. I DO have MingW installed but how do I point Creator at it? It is found automatically with MingW compiler selected!

    What should sysroot point at? Should it point at MingW installation since there Clang relies on GCC STL?

    Detected mkspec is win32-g++ even though I added Clang as Clang (it probably does not matter).

  • - this is outdated, there is no make path anymore.

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    How did you install MinGW ?

  • @SGaist there are both bundled GCC 5.3.0 and added GCC 5.4.0 (built Qt with it and made a kit from my build and 5.4.0, both working fine).

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    Ok, and where did you get clang for Windows ?

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    For 5.8 clang information can be found here.

  • @SGaist WELL. So if I am going to use Clang as a drop-in replacement for GCC (ABI is compatible) am I out of luck?

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    Out of luck ? I don't think so, however it might take a bit more work to have it running. However I'd recommend checking with the interest mailing list. You'll find there Qt's developers/maintainers. This forum is more user oriented.

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