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    Hi i'm Mark and i'm writing from italy.
    Usually i use visual studio to create desktop application that communicate with plc siemens, read and write data to them and set event in my gui by data from plc.
    But i ma fascinated from qt. I've need to know if with qt and c++ is possibile to do the same, ora is better to use wpf.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    How are you communicating currently with your PLC ?

  • @SGaist
    Hi thanks for the answer. Usually I communicate with my plc with a Windows form app using s7.net librery. All by profinet connection

  • S7 offers a C API (https://cache.industry.siemens.com/dl/files/203/13649203/att_38732/v1/mn_s7api_e.pdf) you can use that to communicate with the PLC

  • Hi,
    I am exactly doing what you wanto to do. Qt doesn't have any possibility for the communication to PLC, by nature. However I communicate with PLC using SNAP7 library. This library is only for Siemens S7 PLCs, and it is really great and you can find pre-compilerd binaries as well, if you don't want to compile yourself. I downloaded and compiled source code and am using this library for reading and writing variables in PLC. You can easily integrate it in your Qt application.
    SNAP7 source: http://snap7.sourceforge.net/

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