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To run our own event loop in Qt/Embedded

  • Hi,

    1. on Qt/Embedded without calling QApp::exec(), if i use processEvents() in a while loop which has some widget creation and deletion also it gives segmentationfault. is it bcoz QEventLoop object is not yet created(may be in exec() call it could be created).

    2. if I create my own eventloop object as a public member of MyApplication which inherits QApllication, still same problem is persisting.
      Is it bcoz QThreadData object is not created??

    3. In the same context, i want to know whether all QTreads are managed with in Qt's own scheduling time at the OS level??

    please help me about these issues

  • Why do you want/need to run your own event loop? You may want to take a look at [[Doc:QAbstractEventDispatcher]] if you wish to customise event handling.

  • why bcoz i dont want to receive any user invoked events from QWS instaed i receive from another process. I want to block wait on that particular message queue instaed of aboutToBlock() emission by QAbstarctEventDispatcher. As per the information received on message queue i want to create/delete/chage state of objects.-----simply i want to use Qt/Embedded(which has good documentation and user base compared to other Display servers) like Display server only rather than GUI server.

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