Implement a code before closing the Tab/Widget

  • I have the following program:


    Each tab has hidden data which contain the full path of the file (I have used setProperty function to assign the hidden data to the tab/widget).
    Now, when you click on the close button, I want to get the hidden data of this window before implements the closing command.

    Note that I have used tabCloseRequested slot but it returns wrong data.

    QObject::connect(this->tabs, SIGNAL(tabCloseRequested(int)), this, SLOT(on_subWindow_tabCloseRequested(int)));
    void PSubWindow::on_subWindow_tabCloseRequested(int index) {
        qDebug()<< this->tabs->tabText(index); // return empty string.

    What is the signal which responsible for closes the tab/widget, but it must give me a possibility to implement a code before closing the tab/widget?

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    @Prmego Should work. Did you check the value of index?

  • @jsulm: Yes, I did and the index is correct, but the tabText(index) returns an empty string.

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