How to get the line number where windows QT application CRASHED.

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    If you are using Visual Studio .pdb files are generated which can be later mapped with crash .dmp file & method name & line number can be found.

    But, in this case I'm using a open source application called "owncloud" which is in QT, built using cmakelist on OPENSUSE & windows build is made for it. On crashing I get the core dump file, on analyzing I get only addresses which I can't figure out, as to where the application is crashing.

    Is there any way I can look for these addresses in Qt creator & find the line number where the crash occurs?

    Also, is there any crashlytics for c++ like FABRIC available for android & ios?


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    As you indicate already yourself, this is compiler dependent.
    Qt creator is simply an IDE and not a compiler. You may use within Qt creator also VS studio compilers and with them you might be already on track for debugging, since you are already aware of details there.

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    If you have the .pdb you can add it to Creator. I don't have windows on hand, but it was somewhere in the Tools > Options ... > Debugger > CDB configuration.

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