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Debug single thread in multithread-application.

  • Hey guys,

    I have an application which uses many background-threads to communicate with some hardware.
    This hardware uses watchdogs to check communication-interruptions.

    When I use breakpoints to debug my application all threads are interrupted and the watchdogs throw error-messages.

    Is there a way to debug only a certain thread without freezing other threads?


    P.S. Right now I'm using windows MSVC2015 but in the future I will compile and debug the application on linux as well.

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    From a quick look, there might be something for you here in the visual studio documentation.

    Hope it helps

  • Sorry for the long delay.
    I'm using qt-creator. It would be nice to have a function in there.

    a) halt only the thread where the breakpoint gets called from
    b) prevent some threads from getting paused

    Do you have any idea if this is possible?

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    If you right click a breakpoint you can edit it, in the advanced you can edit Thread specifications.
    I think this is what you want, but I'm not sure, haven't used that feature yet myself.

  • I have seen this setting before but I have no idea what I can enter there?
    Unfortunately there is no documentation about this parameter at all.

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    Speculating here, but try putting the thread id in that field - the number you see it in the threads list.

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