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QML TextArea on android make a flicker resize when virtual keyboard show up

  • Hi all

    Making a QML ApplicationWindow with a header toolbar defined and entire body filled with a TextArea control I have a very bad flicker resize when TextArea get focus and, in consequence, android virtual keyboard is show up. To be more precise it seem when android virtual keyboard come up the QML window is resized to the new available space (display height - virtual keyboard height) but when this resize operation happen the entire QML window content (starting from topbar) is moved down and moved up again to the normal position for a very short time. This cause a flicker very bad to see. Setting into mainfest xml the flag android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" not show the problem but, obviously, the text is painted under the keyboard and is not visible anymore than this solution can ot be used.
    Someone experimented same problem and have a solution?
    Thank you

  • Bug already reported here:

    but it's a very long time and still is unresolved....

  • If someone is interested here a possible workaround:

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