Qt creator sometimes problem to save file

  • In cases when using creator with larger projects and usage of multiple cores one may run into issues when saving files.

    When you correct or change a file while the build process is still running the file cannot be saved. A "disk full" message is shown while there is for sure enough space on the disk. One had simply wait until the build process finished and the file could be saved again.

    Since some time I have the problem that the automatic cure does not work anymore. I am not sure if it is after updating to creator 4.2.1 and/or activating CLangCodeModel.

    ClangCodeModel has certainly some problems and keeps the cpu and disk busy. However, this might be a separate issue.

    The file for example myFile.h which apparently has been changed and tried to save while the build process was apparently running.
    I can wait quite long, basically forever, and cannot safe the file without changing the file name. With each trial to save a new file will be automatically generated with an additional extension composed of a letter and a couple of digits. All those temporary files may be deleted in a file explorer and I can also manually copy/rename one of these temporary files atop of the file with the original name "myFile.h".

    The problem is a file with called "myFile.h~" . This file is blocked by a process. After closing creator the file has been removed and I can contnue to work.

    However, closing and opening creator is quite a lengthy process. The projects are quite big and ClangCodeModel seem to make an extra thorough job.

    Any idea how what is blocking the file?
    Or how can I remove it without restarting creator?
    Admin rights are not sufficient.

    This is on win 10 64 bit with MinGW compiler.

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    I have somewhat same issue but it turned out to be in combination with
    windows storage spaces. Using my SSD, i didn't see it.

    I assume its a single disk , you are seeing this on ?

  • @mrjj

    I got two normal harddisks (c: and d:). I am working on c: and have basically everything there. The d disk is some data and there is the pagefile on d: in case this matters. No SSD yet.

    I got windows storage spaces, but compiler, Qt stuff and source are on c:.
    I got veraCrypt with one drive letter and a couple network mappings, if they are qualifying as windows storage spaces at all. But this is been in use for some time without problems. Also all activity is directly on c: without such mappings.

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