How to control actions on tabs (tabwidget) having the same content ?

  • I have tabs added dynamically to a tab widget and having the same content. I want to control actions on every tab for example a click on push button. However, I cannot distinguich between actions on a tab. For example, If I click on button on tab 1, I get that there is a button clicked but I cannot know if it is on tab 1 or on tab 2.

    This is how I add my tabs dynamically :

    def add_new_tab(self,index,text):
       self.new_tab = InterfaceTemplateDialog()

    This is the start of the class InterfaceTemplateDialog:

    lass InterfaceTemplateDialog(QtGui.QDialog, FORM_CLASS):

    def init(self,parent=None):
    super(InterfaceTemplateDialog, self).init(parent)

    self.run_tranus_btn = self.findChild(QtGui.QPushButton,'run_tranus_btn')
    self.spin_box = self.findChild(QtGui.QSpinBox,'spinBox')
    #imploc checkboxes 
    self.checkBox_22 = self.findChild(QtGui.QCheckBox,'checkBox_22') ....etc

    I know that I can get the index of the current tab using ```

    currentIndex = self.tabs.currentIndex()

    but my problem is with the buttons and checkboxes, how to know on which tab the action is performed.

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    QSignalMapper might be what you are looking for.

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