Minimum Hardware requirement for Run Qt GUI in embedded device.

  • Hi Everyone,
    I am new to embedded Linux development,
    I am decided to port Qt in my development board (based ARM - Cortex M3 ), i don't know what is the minimum required RAM and ROM for run Qt based GUI application in that .
    Can anyone make me clear about the my doubt. ??

    Thank you.

  • @Sarath-AK ,

    Your question is very general, what kind of application you want to run(3D graphic, 2D graphic, multimedia, ...)?

    I think the 2D graphic application with some simple controls such as: button, text. The RAM around 100M is OK.
    For your information, to run 3D graphic for more effectively your hardware should have 3D graphic hardward(SGX, Mali)

    Best regards,

  • @KhoaTran-Programmer ,

    I gonna use simple GUI application only , I need show some information on it, user will not interact with it.
    I am having only 64 MB RAM so that i asked the question.

    Thank you for your quick responce.

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