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User defined codec function

  • Hello!

    In my application I need to decode byte stream (from some external hardware). Initially in application decoding algorithm is not defined.
    What the best way for define decoding algorithm in application?

    Typical algorithm (but not always) - data manipulation for extract from QByteArray data and pack it into bool, int and float data types. No crypto & etc.

    I already tested QScript. My result is 250 kbit/s maximum data stream processing for one core of Intel Core i5 (for not complicated algorithm). I need more performance.

    Now I would like to try define algorithm in DLL and use QLibrary for dynamicly load decoding function. I think this method would be more faster.

    May be in Qt exist any special feature for resolving this problem?

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    @MR.Smith Instead of using QLibrary you could use plug-ins:

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