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Questions about distributing a FOSS application with Qt

  • I have a FOSS application build with Qt which I want to distribute in a binary form. An installer for Windows, tar.gz for Linux and a bundle for macOS.

    1. Should I include Qt LGPL3 licence in the package? If yes - which file exactly? How it should be named?
    2. Should I explicitly state that application is made using Qt in the application itself? Like in an about dialog.
    3. Which Qt binaries should I use? Only one from Qt Installer or I can build Qt from sources by myself?
      3.1) If I can build Qt by myself - is disabling stuff using configure script permitted? Can I distribute Qt binaries that I build without, lets say, ICU?
      3.2) If I can build Qt by myself - can I use custom config headers, like #define QT_NO_COLORDIALOG?

    My application is under GPLv2 itself.

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    1. Since your application is GPLv2 use the file you can found in Qt's sources
    2. Yes
    3. That's up to you
      3.1) Yes
      3.2) You should check the Qt Lite initiative. Part of it is the new configuration system that should simplify building lighter version of Qt tailored for your application/system. It's in since Qt 5.8 and improving.

  • @SGaist thanks. I do not use Qt Lite, because I can't find any good documentation for it... As far as I understand - the GUI tool is commercial only and I can't find any docs about config.json format.

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    It's an on-going effort, it will improve with the following releases.

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