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QOpenGl crash when using custom StyleSheet

  • Hi,
    When I use
    QApplication::setStyleSheet in my application together with an QOpenGLWidget I get a crash with the following stack trace.

    1 ?? 0x400a1a7f
    2 ?? 0x7fffb9e2d054
    3 ?? 0x7fffb9a18778
    4 QOpenGLFunctions::glDrawArrays qopenglfunctions.h 716 0x7fffef12c181
    5 QOpenGLTextureBlitterPrivate::blit qopengltextureblitter.cpp 200 0x7fffef12c181
    6 QOpenGLTextureBlitter::blit qopengltextureblitter.cpp 361 0x7fffef12caf8
    7 blit qplatformbackingstore.cpp 254 0x7fffef0984bf
    8 QPlatformBackingStore::composeAndFlush qplatformbackingstore.cpp 297 0x7fffef098c0e
    9 QXcbBackingStore::composeAndFlush qxcbbackingstore.cpp 421 0x7fffe1e6ed97
    10 QWidgetBackingStore::qt_flush qwidgetbackingstore.cpp 114 0x7fffef3a895b
    11 QWidgetBackingStore::sync qwidgetbackingstore.cpp 945 0x7fffef3ac0f7
    12 QWidgetWindow::event qwidgetwindow.cpp 255 0x7fffef3fda43
    13 QApplicationPrivate::notify_helper qapplication.cpp 3716 0x7fffef39e05c
    14 QApplication::notify qapplication.cpp 3499 0x7fffef3a3516
    ... <More>

    The minimal StyleSheet that blows up seems to be

    QWidget { color: white; }

    That's under Qt 5.2.1 and Ununtu 16.0.4

    Is that a known issue ?


  • Hi @oncaphillis

    How are you calling QApplication::setStyleSheet? and in which function you are calling it?

    Is it possible to share a minimal sample code that leads to this crash?

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    In addition to what @mostefa wrote, are you locked to 5.2.1 ? Current version of Qt 5.8.0 with 5.6.2 as LTS, so it would likely be better to upgrade before trying to find a bug that might have been fixed in a more recent version.

  • I have easy access to Qt5.5.1 and it seems to be gone -- Thx

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