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Qt and Shared Libraries design

  • Hello,

    Im a student trying to grasp Qt and C++ development. I am attempting to develop an application that has the UI of Qt with the backend in more native C++. I would like this backend to be as independent of the UI as possible. But I am having issues in arranging my projects to be compatible with one another.

    I have installed Qt in Visual Studio 2015, which is my IDE of choice. Within it, there are a multitude of C++ library project options - especially "CLR" and "MFC DLL". But both are giving issues as soon as I import them in my Qt UI project. I would prefer not migrating between IDE's frequently.

    I'd appreciate any advice on what to do. Any alternatives would be welcomed.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Qt is native C++ with some sugar but still C++. Separating UI and backend is just a question of structuring your code properly.

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    @drbroly What exactly are the problems that are occurring?

    Also, how did you install your Qt? Are you using the VS compatible one or did you take the default mingw? Those will not be compatible with VS.

    Like @SGaist said Qt is native C++, so it should work quite well with anything else C++ you wanted to use. If you give some details we can help you figure out your conflicts.

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