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OS X deployment problem (@rpath framework)

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make OS X deployment of my desktop app. I have tried almost everything that I have found from google but none of the fixes seems to work. I'm using the os x deployment tool for sure.

    The error what user gets when trying to start the app is:

    "dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/QtOpenGL.framework/Versions/5/QtOpenGL

    Referenced from: /Volumes/:Users:jouni:koodaus:qt:gel build:gel/

    Reason: image not found"

    The .framework file is in the app bundle at Frameworks-directory (placed by the deployment tool). I can run the app from creator but if I try to run it directly (on my development machine) I get the same error.

    Any ideas what should I try?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt are you using ?

    Can you also post your .pro file content ?

  • I have exactly the same problem. This is my story:

    Until Qt 5.3 I could compile and deploy my Qt app in Mac systems without any issue. My app had a set of plugins and a set of static libraries and the .dmg installer worked pretty well.

    Now, since Qt 5.3 I started to get this compilation error from every one of my static libraries, specifically in OSX:

    rm -f libtupiscenes.a
    /Applications/ -s libtupiscenes.a
    error: /Applications/ cant open file: libtupiscenes.a (No such file or directory)
    make[3]: *** [libtupiscenes.a] Error 1

    So, I had to change my .pro files for the static libraries to become dynamic:
    From this:

       CONFIG += staticlib warn_on

    To this:

        CONFIG += dll warn_on

    With this change, the compilation process was clean once again, even with Qt 5.8. Now, the deployment process is another story.

    Here is my original deployment script:

    Pay attention to the line 49 :

    declare -a LIBS=('libtupigui.dylib' 'libtupistore.dylib' 'libtupi.dylib' \
    'libtupibase.dylib' 'libtupinet.dylib' 'libtupifwgui.dylib' 'libtupifwcore.dylib'); 

    Now, that I have additional dynamic libraries after the compilation, I had to edit my script like this to add the new dylib files:

    declare -a LIBS=('libtupigui.dylib' 'libtupistore.dylib' 'libtupi.dylib' \
    'libtupibase.dylib' 'libtupinet.dylib' 'libtupifwgui.dylib' 'libtupifwcore.dylib' 'libtupicolorpalette.1.dylib' 'libtupipaintarea.1.dylib' \
    'libtupianimation.1.dylib' 'libtupipen.1.dylib' 'libtupihelp.1.dylib' 'libtupimport.1.dylib' 'libtupiexport.1.dylib' 'libtupiexposure.1.dylib' \
    'libtupitimeline.1.dylib' 'libtupilibrary.1.dylib' 'libtupiscenes.1.dylib' 'libtupitwitter.1.dylib' 'libtupiplugincommon.1.dylib');

    Supposedly, the deployment process finishes successfully but when I try either to run the .dmg installer or to run the binary from the terminal I got the same error message mentioned in this thread:

    dyld: Library not loaded: @rpath/QtOpenGL.framework/Versions/5/QtOpenGL
    Referenced from: /Volumes/:Users:me:qt:Tupi build:Tupi/
    Reason: image not found

    Now, this is the funny thing: If I set the variable DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH like this:

    export DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH=/Users/me/Qt5.8.0/5.8/clang_64/lib

    Then I can run the app from console, typing:


    So, my question is: what I have to do or change to get my .dmg installer working as I did before with Qt 5.1?


    P.S.: Looking inside of the .dmg package I built, I can see all the Qt libraries required by my app, including the QtOpenGL. So why the installer can't find them?


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    Qt Creator's rpath.pri shows a nice way to handle that.

  • Thank you! Finally it worked for me, nevertheless I had to include the "Frameworks" path too:

    QMAKE_LFLAGS += -Wl,-rpath,@loader_path/../,-rpath,@executable_path/../,-rpath,@executable_path/../Frameworks

    I didn't have to do this before Qt 5.1.x versions, but it feels great to know how to fix it for newer versions. Thanks for the hint! :)

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